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[Narrative - return] [Apr. 6th, 2004|10:48 pm]
GenXRP 2 - After Mojo


[Current Mood |busy]

The highway is dark, a few dull lights dot the distance every so often.
I never realized how far away I ran.
The sleek black car Sara is driving hums along the black road. She smiles as she presses upon the gas pedal and hears the motor purr to speed along the way. As the night drags on, her eyes begin to tire and she rubs them. She's been on the road for 20 hours straight. Most wouldn't think of going that long but she's eager to get back to the mansion. See if her old room is still available. A smile creeps upon her face as she thinks of the few good times she's had.
I wonder who is still there, if anyone is still there. I wonder if anyone came back who had left.
As she creeps closer to her destination, rain begins to fall, a small thunderstorm gathering. This certainly isn't going to help her stay awake so she turns on the radio, popping in a cd and turning up the volume. Singing along with the music will help her to focus, if not upon the road, then at least upon staying awake. She knows she can make it a while longer, knows that she can make it to the school. After all, she's survived this long.