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[Narrative - return part III] [Apr. 7th, 2004|08:11 pm]
GenXRP 2 - After Mojo


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A black sports car turns onto a long drive way and heads toward what used to be a school. Sara can see that things are not as she left them about 7 months ago, yet she was not expecting much. The place looked... abandoned, and yet she continued along the road.
It's not like anyone to let this place come to such a state. Unless this has something to do with that anti-mutant law...
She continues driving, focusing upon the old yet new environment to keep from thinking the worst. She continues to look for signs of life of some sort, anything, even maybe a squirrel.
They could take care of themselves, maybe they just moved and left a vacancy...
The car pulls up to the main door and she parks it, preparing herself for everything, a warm welcome, an attack or what might be the worst, a complete vacancy...
Sara steps out of the car, the sun giving her pink hair an extra gleam, and reflecting off her black sunglasses and outfit. She looks at the rubble in various places and stands inbetween her car and the front door, almost as if waiting, or trying to make up her mind.