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GenXRP 2 - After Mojo

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[arriving home...] [Apr. 5th, 2004|12:32 am]
GenXRP 2 - After Mojo
They'd landed in the Danger Room.

They should have set off various security protocols, but from where Scott stood, he could tell nothing was running. The door was half open, the power that should have been keeping it locked closed not running as usual.

Stay here, he commanded crisply, not getting any arguments. He glanced at Hank and Raven, gesturing for them to join him.

Look after them? Scott sent to Jean along their pyschic link, at which she just nodded. The three of them moved out, spreading out to check the school, finding the place fairly damaged - someone, or something, had broken in here, caused a lot of damage. There was minimal signs of life - one of the bedrooms was being used, as was the kitchen.

It wasn't until they started to head for the Danger Room that they found the mysterious resident, the ever-cocky Devon Alomar.

Well, look who it is... it's about time. He smirked at the three X-Men, looking around to see if anyone was with them.

What happened here? Scott demanded, his concern for the missing students - and Xavier - making him furious.

This and that... there's a lot to tell. Drag up a seat, I'll fill you in.

The others... they should hear this as well. Hank, Raven? Could you bring everyone up?

Not necessary, Scott. Jean had kept a telepathic eye on them, letting the kids out of the Danger Room as soon as she knew it was safe. They all crowded the hall way, looking at Devon.

Well... And he began his story...