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Lorna was pissed. Literally. She'd had more to drink since her friends had left for Kentucky than she had at any other stage of her life, and it wasn't helping her state of mind.

She missed them. They'd started to become her family during their stay on Mojo, and she felt abandoned. They hadn't even had the courtesy to say good bye properly, all they'd done was leave a note.

Well, if that's the way things were going to be, that's the way things were going to be. She'd find her own family here, someone that would appreciate her.

She'd find Magneto.
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it's like they left the proverbial kansas a long time ago... [narrative]

They left about seven at night, as the sun began setting. Devon had reluctantly handed the keys over to Paige. She couldn't tell what kind of car it was, but Jono and Angelo could. To Paige, it was black, shiney, and looked fast. That was all she needed, the fast part. Well, that, and it looked nice.

"We won't break it," she chided Devon, swiping his keys from his hand while Jono and Angelo put there stuff in it.

"Seriously. If there's a scratch on it, I will --"

"Yeah, yeah, and none of us are licensed drivers." She saluted him as she turned to hop into the driver's seat.

"Wait, what?" Panic streaked across Devon's expression.

"Don't worry. It'll be back in one piece." Hopefully. She really didn't give Devon much of a chance to respond to that before she peeled out of there, probably faster than she meant to.

And thus began their journey to Kentucky. To a farm in Cumberland County. They took turns driving, though after Jono's first try, Angelo and Paige were quick to make sure he didn't get behind the wheel again. Whenever he asked why he couldn't, they quickly changed the subject, laughing nervously.

Why, Mr. Starsmore, they wanted to arrive in Kentucky in one piece, thank you.

It was about nine the next morning when they pulled into the long dirt road leading up to the Guthrie farmhouse, thirteen hours after they left Xavier's, taking time to stop at Denny's and gas stations along the way. All Paige remembered was that she ordered strawberry waffles. At the gas station, they bought a disposable camera and took pictures, using about half the roll on the car ride there. Paige was secretly hoping she could score some pictures with her family, though she didn't say anything about it.

Since being on Earth, Paige began to relax and actually live a little. Being here on this trip with her friend and lover seemed natural. She laughed louder here on this version of Earth, she hasn't been husked since coming here, she actually knew other people. And she liked that.

Pulling in front of the farm house, Paige looked up at it before stepping out of the car. She left the keys in the ignition and left Angelo and Jono in the car. Angelo had been sitting shot gun, Jono was huddled in the backseat.

Paige smiled nervously at them before shutting her car door and making her way up the front steps. She wiped her hands on the front of her jeans, growing more nervous.

This was it. This was the Guthrie farm.

[Narrative - return part III]

A black sports car turns onto a long drive way and heads toward what used to be a school. Sara can see that things are not as she left them about 7 months ago, yet she was not expecting much. The place looked... abandoned, and yet she continued along the road.
It's not like anyone to let this place come to such a state. Unless this has something to do with that anti-mutant law...
She continues driving, focusing upon the old yet new environment to keep from thinking the worst. She continues to look for signs of life of some sort, anything, even maybe a squirrel.
They could take care of themselves, maybe they just moved and left a vacancy...
The car pulls up to the main door and she parks it, preparing herself for everything, a warm welcome, an attack or what might be the worst, a complete vacancy...
Sara steps out of the car, the sun giving her pink hair an extra gleam, and reflecting off her black sunglasses and outfit. She looks at the rubble in various places and stands inbetween her car and the front door, almost as if waiting, or trying to make up her mind.
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[Narrative - return part II]

The dark still surrounds her, the rain still pattering upon the roof of her car. In the near distance a light shines through and she takes the exit off, parking infront of a small plaza. A small motel stands by, but she heads toward the Harveys instead. She walks inside and the nightshift worker, a young guy of about age 17 gives her the once over, Sara is sure that her pink hair and outfit don't help to make her look like a safe customer. However she ignores him, checking out the menu. She orders some food and eats it quietly in a corner, thinking to herself.

I've been away for too long. I'm actually nervous about seeing everyone. For all I know, the place doesn't exist. Well I won't be too shocked if nobody remembers me. I'm just going to see what's up with the place.

As she gets up to leave she order a coffee to go, leaving the kid a tip. She stands outside under the litle bit of roof overhand for a bit as the sun begins to rise. She lights up a smoke taking the extra time to watch, sipping on her coffee. She then heads toward her car, starting it up and returning back to the main road.

You're almost there sugar, not too far to go. She reassures herself.
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[Narrative - return]

The highway is dark, a few dull lights dot the distance every so often.
I never realized how far away I ran.
The sleek black car Sara is driving hums along the black road. She smiles as she presses upon the gas pedal and hears the motor purr to speed along the way. As the night drags on, her eyes begin to tire and she rubs them. She's been on the road for 20 hours straight. Most wouldn't think of going that long but she's eager to get back to the mansion. See if her old room is still available. A smile creeps upon her face as she thinks of the few good times she's had.
I wonder who is still there, if anyone is still there. I wonder if anyone came back who had left.
As she creeps closer to her destination, rain begins to fall, a small thunderstorm gathering. This certainly isn't going to help her stay awake so she turns on the radio, popping in a cd and turning up the volume. Singing along with the music will help her to focus, if not upon the road, then at least upon staying awake. She knows she can make it a while longer, knows that she can make it to the school. After all, she's survived this long.
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The State of Things. [narrative]

Raven heads back to the rec room, where the kids are talking loudly and digging through the debris. She leans on the doorframe, which actually kinda makes a scraping sound, as it is cracked. She frowns and clears her throat. "Hey, kittens!"

The children all look up. Ali sits in a chair, her eyes puffy from crying. Some others are trying to comfort her, a few more trying to straighten up their long lost home. "I hate to be the one to tell you this..." Who is she kidding, she really does not want to give these kids more bad news.

"Xavier was taken. Until we get Mister Monopoly back, we have...to fund the school ourselves. I know a lot of you have parents, and you're more than welcome to go back to them. But I also know you probably don't want to be separated from your friends, your family." Way to use a guilt trip, Rave. "You all could get jobs? I am sure Jean and Hank would help you. You'll still get schooled and such..." Raven has no idea what shes talking about.

"So. What do you think?"
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Council. [narrative]

The current, remaining X-men -- Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Hank McCoy, and Raven Darkholme -- left the others in the rec room and headed to the kitchen, moving quickly. It was looking bad. Collapse )

(Collapse ))
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What's been going on. [narrative]


His eyes flickered around the room to familiar face, unfamiliar faces, faces he recognized - but were somewhat different. He grinned, somewhat sheepishly as if he were caught doing something bad. He spotted Raven, who looked short of impressed and shot her a nod, because, damn, she's hot. Er.

Let's.. get you guys situated. Then I'll begin, aight?

As he stood surrounded in the hallway, he motioned for them to follow him as he led them down the hall to the old rec room -- it was kinda messy, fast food wrappers, tangled game console cords. Looked like not a lot of people were in here the six months they were gone.

He clapped his hands together as the group moved into the rec room, glancing around either confused or surprised. They made themselves comfortable, some taking seats on the couches or standing by the walls. He took center stage, and began with a nervous laugh.

Well, you see.. it starts like this...

So, you guys left, what? September? October? Six months ago, right? yeah, well, so, half a year you guys been gone. That's cool, an' all.. but.. shit. The shit that went down. See, not long after you guys left, say.. a month or so.. the Brotherhood got attack happy. Attacked the place. So if things are a mess... blame them, man. They took.. they took Xavier. We looked, for a little while. But we couldn't find him. We didn't know what to do.

But yeah, kids started leaving. Bobby and Jubes left together.. guess they went home to Bobby's family. Paige left too.. don't know where.. guess with Warren. The bitch. Er. I mean, well, point of the story is, everyone left. Me? I didn't have anywhere else to go, really. Couldn't go back to Hellfire or Hellions, so.. yeah. Have two jobs, now -- to pay for the place, man. It's hard. Utilities.. well.. part of the place, the electricity's been cut off. Couldn't pay to have it all on, ya know? But yeah. Uh. Welcome back...?